Stepping stones to a rewarding career

Career pathways in arboriculture

Tree care, or arboriculture as it is known in the sector, is a specialist service in cities and rural areas. Many arborists operate as private contractors while others are employed by local and state government agencies, improving the quality of our lives by properly selecting, planting and caring for trees that enrich the environment.

Providing expert opinion for legal cases is another demand made on the professional arborist.

Arborist work consists of tree-climbing, the maintenance and management of trees in private and public gardens, parks and streetscapes, and the removal and transplanting of large trees and the evaluation and assessment of tree health.

Jobs and qualifications

Arboricultural Assistant Certificate I in Horticulture »
Arboricultural Worker Certificate II in Arboriculture »
Arboricultural Tradesperson Certificate III in Arboriculture »
Arboricultural Supervisor Certificate IV in Horticulture (Arboriculture) »
Arboricultural Manager Diploma of Diploma of Horticulture (Arboriculture) »
Arboricultural Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Horticulture »
Arboricultural Assistant

Working as an arboricultural assistant is usually the beginning of a career in the arboriculture industry. Work undertaken is under direct supervision and can include work site support for other workers, tree care and maintenance and machinery and equipment operation.

Arboricultural Worker

The arboricultural worker is likely to be involved in a wide range of tasks under limited supervision. Tasks include operating chainsaws, felling small trees, stump removal, above ground pruning and operating machinery and equipment.

Arboricultural Tradesperson

Arboricultural tradespersons are skilled workers in the arboriculture industry. Activities includes worksite supervision, felling large trees, complex climbing and tree removal, installing cable and bracing, undertaking aerial rescue operations, machinery maintenance and controlling pests and diseases.

Arboricultural Supervisor

An arboricultural supervisor is responsible for a number of workers and arboricultural activities. These include staff supervision and training, planning tree removal, planting and transplanting programs, costing projects and running a budget.

Arboricultural Manager

The arboricultural manager would have significant responsibilities in managing business activities. These include managing business operations, preparing estimates, quotes and tenders, assessing trees, planning tree reduction and removal and preparing budgets and financial reports.

Arboricultural Business Manager

Arboricultural business managers are often owners or principal managers of large arboriculture businesses. They are responsible for ensuring that the arboriculture business is successfully run. Responsibilities include developing organisational planning, financial management, managing staff and physical resources and marketing and promotion.