beef production

Stepping stones to a rewarding career

Career pathways in beef production

Beef is one of Australia’s largest rural exports, reaching several billion dollars per year.

Success in the sector requires a broad range of skills, including the management of cattle, property, people and finances. Opportunities exist in gene technology, embryo transfer and artificial insemination as the sector aims to meet select export and domestic market standards.

Many large cattle corporations operate throughout Australia, encouraging employees to move between locations. Opportunities exist for competent and skilled stationhands, stockmen and managers.

Jobs and qualifications

Farm Assistant Certificate I in Rural Operations »
Stationhand or Farmhand Certificate II in Agriculture »
Senior Stationhand or Farmhand Certificate III in Agriculture (Sheep and Wool Production) »
Head Stockperson Certificate IV in Agriculture »
Station or Farm Manager Diploma of Agriculture »
Rural Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management »
Farm Assistant

Farm assistant jobs are usually the beginning of a career in the beef cattle industry. Under direct supervision the work involves basic cattle handling duties, mustering with horses and motorbikes, operating machinery and equipment and property maintenance.

Stationhand or Farmhand

A station hand or farmhand is likely to be involved in a wide range of tasks under limited supervision. Tasks include operating machinery, equipment and ride-on farm vehicles, handling cattle, mustering and preparation for competition, riding and handling horses and property maintenance.

Senior Stationhand or Farmhand

A senior stationhand or farmhand is a skilled worker likely to be involved in coordinating a wide range of beef cattle and property operations. This includes handling cattle, transport, calving, parasite control, constructing fences, servicing and repairing bores and windmills and advanced horse riding and handling.

Head Stockperson

A head stockperson is responsible for a number of workers and a range of beef cattle and property operations. This includes supervising cattle operations, feeding, mating, managing artificial breeding and embryo transfer programs, managing vehicle and equipment maintenance, repair and maintenance of property water supplies and supervising and training staff.

Station or Farm Manager

A farm or station manager is likely to have significant responsibilities for managing beef cattle production activities. These include property planning and management, livestock breeding and production, marketing livestock, staff management, business planning and operations.

Rural Business Manager

A rural business manager has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the beef cattle enterprise is successfully managed. Responsibilities include whole farm planning and management, managing production systems, marketing products, strategic planning and rural enterprise management.