dairy production

Stepping stones to a rewarding career

Career pathways in dairy production

Dairy production involves the collection, handling, storage and processing of milk in line with international standards for health and quality.

Dairy is one of Australia’s leading rural industries in terms of adding value through downstream processing. Much of this processing occurs close to farming areas, thereby generating economic activity in country regions. ABARES estimates the regional economic multiplier effect at 2.5 from the dairy industry.

Australia has efficient dairy producers due to improvements in farm productivity, genetics, feeding systems, sector reorganisation and reinvestment programs. It features new factories, automated equipment and specialised products mean that there is now a great need for competent staff with technological and customer service skills.

A relatively small but vital group in this whole process are the milking machine technicians and careers are available in the supply, installation, service and testing of milking machines.

Jobs and qualifications

Technician’s Assistant Certificate I in Rural Operations »
Milking Machine Tester Certificate II in Agriculture »
Service Technician Certificate III in Agriculture (Milk Harvesting) »
Installation and Service Technician Certificate IV in Agriculture »
Master Technician Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management »
Rural Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management »
Technician’s Assistant

Technician assistant jobs are usually the starting point for a career in the milk harvesting industry. Work under direct supervision includes basic metal work, including setting for and assisting with welding, machinery and equipment operation and routine maintenance.

Milking Machine Tester

A milking machine tester is likely to be involved in a wide range of tasks, working under limited supervision. Tasks include basic metal fabrication and repair, and operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Service Technician

A service technician will be involved in a wide range of milk harvesting work, Various responsibilities include servicing and installation equipment, coordinating staff activities, estimating materials, equipment and labour costs, and dealing with other dairy farmers, equipment manufacturers and chemical company representatives.

Installation and Service Technician

An installation and service technician is responsible for a number of workers and for the organisation of machinery installation, testing and repair. Work includes the supervision of milking machine installation and servicing activities, staff training and supervision, budget and stock control and milking machine testing and repair.

Master Technician

A master technician will have significant responsibilities for managing milking machines operations and business. This covers machinery and equipment operations, servicing and testing, staff training and management and marketing, business planning and management.

Rural Business Manager

A rural business manager has the primary responsibility for ensuring that milking machine business is successfully managed. These responsibilities may include business monitoring and evaluation, marketing and promotion, financial management and strategic planning and business management.