fruit and vegetables

Stepping stones to a rewarding career

Career pathways in fruit and vegetables

Australia’s incredible capacity for fruit and vegetable production can be seen every day in our markets where hundreds of varieties of edible produce are sold.

With climatic zones from tropical to temperate, Australia can grow fruit and vegetables all year round. Being in the southern hemisphere means we can produce ‘out-of-season’ produce for the northern hemisphere, and apples, pears, citrus, stone fruit, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, lettuce and broccoli are all major exports.

The scale and variety of the fruit and vegetable sector throughout Australia means there is constant demand for labour, skill and knowledge in the growing and production processes.

Jobs and qualifications

Assistant Farmhand Certificate I in Rural Operations »
Production Horticulture Farmhand Certificate II in Production Horticulture »
Production Horticulture Tradesperson Certificate III in Production Horticulture »
Production Horticulture Supervisor Certificate IV in Production Horticulture »
Production Horticulture Manager Diploma of Agriculture, Production Horticulture or Rural Business Management »
Production Horticulture Business Manager Advanced Diploma of Agriculture or Rural Business Management »
Assistant Farmhand

Assistant farmhand jobs are usually the beginning of a career in the produce/crop growing industry. Work usually involves working under direct supervision and can include: planting and picking crops; and carrying out basic post-harvest processes such as dipping, grading and sorting.

Production Horticulture Farmhand

The production horticulture farmhand is likely to be involved in a wide range of growing and harvesting tasks under limited supervision. Tasks could include: operating tractors and equipment; undertaking irrigation activities; establishing and maintaining crops; or treating weeds, pests and diseases.

Production Horticulture Tradesperson

The production horticulture tradesperson is a skilled worker with responsibility for a number of workers. Growing activities include: preparing soils for planting; implementing crop plantings and maintenance programs; coordinating harvesting; and supervising work site activities.

Production Horticulture Supervisor

The production horticulture supervisor will have significant responsibilities in managing produce/crop growing and harvesting activities, including: developing plant nutrition programs; supervising staff, machinery and supplies; and operating within budgets.

Production Horticulture Manager

The production horticulture manager will have significant responsibilities for managing growing and harvesting and related property activities including: developing planting programs and production plans; preparing and monitoring budget and financial reports; and managing business operations.

Production Horticulture Business Manager

The production horticulture business manager is responsible for ensuring that the fruit growing enterprise is successfully managed. Responsibilities include: business planning; managing people, physical resources and business capital; and marketing and promotion.