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Stepping stones to a rewarding career

Career pathways in rural industry support services

Maintaining Australia’s rural success depends on industry and government working in partnership through industry organisations and government agencies. These bodies are responsible for many services including market promotion, quality assurance, training and research and development.

If influencing policy decisions, liaising with the media, or supporting the growth of rural communities’ appeals to you, then jobs in the support industries sector provide exciting opportunities that combine the best of country and city life.

Government and industry organisations need people with a broad range of skills and ability to research and analyse production from paddock to plate.

In such a role, you will perform a crucial role in ensuring the continued profitability of Australia’s primary economy.

Numerous government, business and administration qualifications are available.

Administrative Assistant

An Administrative assistant’s job is usually the beginning of a career in most government and industry organisations.

Work undertaken is usually under direction from more senior staff. You may be required to undertake research into specific issues by compiling statistical data, retrieving information from related agencies, maintaining statistical and financial data and liaising with regulatory authorities.

Senior Administrative Assistant

A senior administrative assistant is expected to possess a good knowledge of the legislative framework and division of responsibilities between different levels of government and industry.

With such a background they are required to provide advice in the delivery of regulatory obligations and provide a high level of performance under limited supervision. Tasks could include:

  • Ensuring appropriate disbursements of grant funds to authorities managing the audit of grant disbursements
  • Ensuring relevant reports of performance are provided to Parliament
  • Providing preliminary advice on the interpretation of legislation.
Policy Analyst

A policy analyst is likely to have qualifications and experience drawn from agriculture, finance, economics or science.

In providing services to organisations they are often responsible for advising on the administration of legislation and the coordination of plans of action across portfolios or institutions. In providing advice on the administration of legislation, policy analysts seek to help governments to achieve least cost, effective solutions to issues that minimise impacts on industry.

Ministerial Adviser

Ministerial advisers are drawn from a wide cross section of occupations and are selected for their acumen in strategically managing the consideration of a broad range of issues for their minister.

In addition to assisting the government of the day to deal with emerging issues ministerial advisers maintain close links with media representatives to assist governments to explain their attitude to particular issues in a timely fashion.

It is paramount to have the capacity to meet a multiplicity of deadlines and manage conflicting commitments.