rural merchandising

Stepping stones to a rewarding career

Career pathways in rural merchandising

Rural merchandising may be for you if you like working in an interesting and progressive rural business sector that provides products, information, advice and a point of contact for rural people.

Every year, Australian farmers and horticulturalists spend billions on products and services that are vital to making the country’s agricultural and horticultural sectors economically viable and efficient in an often inhospitable environment.

Competent and skilled people are needed in rural merchandising and its associated services – from sales assistants, livestock auctioneers, stock and station agents, real estate agents to business managers and agronomists.

Jobs and qualifications

Sales Assistant Certificate I in Rural Operations »
Salesperson Certificate III in Rural Merchandising » or Certificate III in Rural Business »
Store Manager Certificate IV in Rural Business »
Sales Assistant

A sales assistant’s job is usually the beginning of a career in the rural merchandising. Work undertaken is usually under direction from senior sales assistants and managers generally providing assistance to other staff in selling and providing information to customers. It may include: assisting customers, basic store duties and loading and unloading materials.

A number of other entry-level sales and business qualifications are available.


A salesperson is likely to be involved in coordinating a wide range of store operations, providing customer service and advice, coordinating merchandising practises, purchasing goods and services and with product knowledge of agricultural and horticultural goods.

A number of other sales and business qualifications are available.

Store Manager

A store manager has responsibility for a number of workers and a store’s rural merchandising operations including: staff supervision; stock control and management; marketing strategies; and monitoring of business profitability.

A number of other sales and business qualifications are available.