rural services

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» Conservation earthworks

» Industry support


» Irrigation


» Rural merchandising


The best of country and city life

Maintaining Australia’s rural success depends on industry and government working in partnership through industry organisations and government agencies.

These bodies are responsible for many services including market promotion, quality assurance, training and research and development.

If influencing policy decisions, liaising with the media, or supporting the growth of rural communities’ appeals to you, then jobs in the support industries sector provide exciting opportunities that combine the best of country and city life.

Government and industry organisations need people with a broad range of skills and ability to research and analyse production from ‘paddock to plate’. In such a role, you will perform a crucial role in ensuring the continued profitability of Australia’s primary economy.

These services generally include agribusiness, beekeeping, commercial composting, conservation earthworks, feedlot, irrigation, rural machinery, rural merchandising, rural operations, seed production and seed testing.